Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crazy, Busy and more

Hey all. Sorry about the time between posts lately. We have been crazy busy and on the run every day.
This week Abby has or has had 7 appointments, her Dad works all week and her brother finally starts a part time job today. I haven't had much time outside of driving Daddy back and forth so we can have a vehicle to get to all the appointments. Hey...On a good note the heat went out! Not!
Monday we took Abby to the dentist for a few reasons. It was time for her regular check up but we are also concerned that she hasn't lost any teeth yet other than the ones she has ground down. Unfortunately because of her disorder and the nature of it we cant give her any kind of guard to help. The choking hazard is too great with her being unable to speak or use her hands to take it out. We have hoped to send her teeth to a lab to turn into stem cells as they come out so we are hoping by the time that comes there will be anything to send. On a good note No cavities!
Tuesday we had swim therapy and she did very well. She had kind of shut down on us the last 2 swim therapies so we pretty happy. Although we don't believe she learn to swim the therapy is great for her tone and awareness.
Wednesday we had a trip to the hospital for assessment for her back brace. Even though Chiropractic and massage therapy has helped tremendously we are going to have to brace her to keep her from getting any worse. She is a big leaner as comes with Rett Syndrome. The brace will help with that. We were surprised to learn that the brace doesn't correct, it just keeps the curve from progressing further.
She has Chiropractic and Massage both this afternoon and I'm hoping to discuss future plans with them. We are paid until the end of the year and if we can't get donations to last until we get our tax return in spring we are hoping to be able to work out some kind of payment plan. Fingers crossed.
On a couple of good notes the new caregiver seems to be working out. We have a few kinks to get through but nothing serious. She shows up on time and she gives me some much needed respite. On the weekends we now have another caregiver on Saturdays. I took advantage of that last Saturday and actually went and saw a movie for the first time in a year. I cant believe I went almost a year without help. I'm paying for it with my back problems but so grateful that we have started up the service again.
All for now. Off to take each of the boys to work. Yeah!!!!!Finally.

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