Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sleep Study

At our yearly Neurology appointment Abby's Doctor suggested it was time for a sleep study instead of our yearly EEG check for seizures. Since she doesn't have seizures..(knock on wood) Seriously. Stop what your doing right now and knock on wood!
I am pretty sure the sleep study had something to do with the new study that suggests all the breath holding is not actually breath holding but our girls are actually stopping breathing. I am praying this is not the case and that it is some kind of self stim thing. If not, Abby stops breathing for 10 seconds 100 or more times a day. This was my girl when we first arrived. A full size bed seemed huge after all these years in a crib and toddler bed.
She was about 10 percent into the hookup when a lady from child life brought in toys,bubbles and The Wiggles to try to distract her. Thank goodness for The Wiggles. She's not a big fan of blowing soap in her face! Look at her. The Wiggles solve everything.

At this point she has leads and wires on her toe,6 on her legs and a whole contraption around her waist. She was starting to get annoyed but such a trooper as always.

I so hated this. She had two sets of monitors and tubes shoved up her nose. I still can't believe I have to stop people and tell them they need to tell her what they are doing to her before they just go sticking stuff up her nose.

This still makes me wanna cry. Poor kiddo!

This was my Lil Robot Mummy in the morning. I got absolutely no sleep at all. I was ordered to not touch or comfort her if she awoke unless it was a necessary diaper change. I had to sleep on a cot..OK lay on a cot and listen to her whimper and whine through the night.
Of course they wouldn't tell me anything!!! So we wont know for a few weeks if she is having breathing issues or seizures in her sleep.
Fingers crossed! And hopefully no more sleep studies. EVER!

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Wifey said...

that looks like torture. Poor baby girl! And poor you! I hope you don't have to do that again either. I don't quite get how that can test accurately. I think I would not sleep at all if I had all that stuff hooked up and taped to me. I'm glad that's over.