Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time to fess up

Hey all.
First I want to apologize for abandoning this blog. I was not my intention and I do one day hope to get back to it.
As it is what happens sometimes, real life has gotten in the way of me having anything above and beyond my phisical responsibilities.
I am ill. I have been for a while. I ignored my symptoms because I dont have time for them. This past week I have made 2 trips to the emergency room where I was given Iv's, blood tests and sent on my way because I do not have insurance. On Thursday we finally got to speak to a social worker who got me into a sliding scale clinic..Oh joy..  For July 1st. I need many tests, treatments and other stuff...Not ready to be felt sorry for. Ive spent the last 6 years with the world feeling sorry for me. I dont want to be showered with more of it.
So, Im exhausted, Im anemic, Im weak. My house is a wreck but Abby is still unaffected...except that I had to cancel 3 therapies this week. I am not able to lift her except in and out of the car as I have no choice on that one.
My going to see my Grandmother on Hospice every weekend has suffered the past few weeks. Cant take a chance of passing out driving with Abby in a van with the steering going I wrote that it is the exact reason I have put my writing on hold. My life is a pathetic mess.
Please pray for us....or whatever it is that you do.
Hope to talk to you soon,