Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Great Day

Hello all. I certainly don't want to leave my blog open on a note of depression and suicide so I thought I would post tonight before I go to bed. Sorry about my lack of pictures here lately. I broke my camera this summer. A friend loaned me hers that wasn't quite working and it has gone kaput too. I have been trying to get pics on Abby's ipod and my phone when I can but neither will take a very good shot if you move at all.

Today was a day for just me and the kids and it was lovely. We are all always so busy coming and going that we don't ever just spend time together.

Everyone got up early without complaint and we all...minus Dad went to church. ( Actually it's kind of funny because as I sit here talking about my wonderful peaceful day Abby is throwing a major fit and screaming her head straight off over what's on TV.)

We went to lunch with a couple who lives down south part time and we consider Grandparents for the kids. It was nice just to visit and share a meal...seriously I don't get out much.

We went to Zona Rosa and my son dragged me through a very crowded Old Navy store doing the hint parade for Christmas. Luckily Abby didn't mind and we were able to just window shop and talk and tease each other. It was nice. I can't remember a day in a long time where there were no meltdowns, no teenage fits and no me thinking I want to crawl in a hole and disappear.

I have been really watching Abby lately and I think part of her sleeping problem may go beyond the seizure med. I hope it's something we can bring her out of but I think she may suffer from some kind of sensory overload or anxiety that goes beyond what we we previously aware of. She just shuts down pretty much anywhere but somewhere she is very familiar. She either sleeps or goes into her own little world. No eye contact, no smiles. I have her Neuro's trying to get in touch with each other so we can try to get something figured out on the med end. All but one parent I have spoken to absolutely insists it's the medicine we have her on so I guess we will see. My only issue is as soon as we get home...she's a happy camper...awake...alert. Gotta be more than the med ya know?

Well we are in the middle of meltdown central....what I get for being at peace. JINX!

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Kristy said...

I think Abby and Juliana have the same sleepy girl problem. We also for the longes time thought it was her seizure meds, and clearly anytime we switch or increase meds she is definitely sleepier than usual. But I have come to the conclusion that this is the way Juliana copes with either challenging or uncomfortable situations or sensory overload. For about the first year she was in school, she slept the WHOLE time. Now in her 3rd year she is much more awake and alert for much longer stretches of time. We have taken her to shows with music and lights (things she typically loves) and she will literally shut down until we are back in a "safe and secure" environment. Wow! We gotta talk!