Sunday, August 17, 2014

Catch up on my Mom and some awesome pics

These first few comeback blogs will be from Abby's perspective or narrative as her Mom thinks it is

My Mom has been complaining of back,neck and shoulder pain for over a year. When she finally got someone to take an MRI of her neck she had Neuro Surgery a few days later. She has some extreme problems with her left shoulder too but they wont address that until 3 months after her neck surgery. She is trying and I have had lots of nurses in her helping her help me as she hasn't been able to lift me and can barely help me at all. We are going to get her better. It will just take a while. I'm kind of done waiting and want my Mom back!
The week before my Moms surgery a friend of a friend, who is now our friend took some amazing pics of us the week before Mothers Day. They came out pretty cool. I wasn't feeling too hot that day but the pictures are amazing.

 This one is our favorite
 I was watching the waterfall. I love water
 I was getting pretty grumpy here so we are watching Dora just out of the shot of the camera
Our friend Cynthia had loaned us this beautiful gown. I felt like a real Princess! After she saw the pics she gave it to me!!!
 I think this was close to the last shot. Getting sleepy. We are thinking of getting one of these matted and framed. Krissy B Designs did an awesome job. She was very patient. We highly recommend her!
My Mom took this one with her iPhone while Krissy was setting up. I think its beautiful!

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