Friday, February 1, 2013

Abby's still moving and grooving.

Last night we were sitting watching Dora as her majesty commands and i grabbed my phone as she was up walking,dancing and trying to play with her cause and effect music toys. M thinking I may have to get her a flatter laugh and learn music toy before she breaks her hand on that stick up sunny part, but she loves the light up keyboard so much! Because she has no purposeful hand use she can only bat at the toys but she does love them!

I grabbed the phone because I wanted to show the therapist,teachers, etc that Abby CAN walk. I don't know if it is her condition or her flat out onry spoiledness but no one else can get her to walk but me. How do I do it? I leave her to be. As soon as you put hands on her to help or steady her she pulls her abortion protester routing and hangs on you or drops.

Yes she is wobbly. Yes she has a huge,stiff gait but she CAN walk...if you'd just let her.

The circles she does is her dancing.....