Saturday, August 27, 2011

First grade. First day

Today was Abby;s first day of first grade! I was so excited and so nervous at the same time. Like every other year we got her ready,took pics then followed her to school to take more pics. Seriously...every year.
I was a little upset to find that she didn't go to the first grade today until her special ed teacher explained that the typical kids need a few days to calm down and the teacher needs a few days to show them she is in charge before they bring a special kid in. Since Abby does get nervous around too many typical peers at once I calmed down.

Here is the Princess this AM getting ready for school(while being waited on hand and foot)

Ignoring Mommy with a grin while I was trying to get the waiting for the bus picture

Fresh off the bus playing sleepy

5 seconds later...Mommy says,"Who's my big first grader?"

Teacher sits on one side and plays and Abby plays back. Though this one was pretty cool!

Mrs B and the Princess

Abby with her student volunteer helper. Love those kids!

Classmate S

Classmate E

Mr I

Mr N and Miss L

My Boyfriend blowing me a kiss when I asked,"Who's my boyfriend?"

Abby with her massage therapist Angel after school

Stretch it out Woman!

Long day. Passed out. She's done!!

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Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures - I can't get over how big she is getting!!
Absolutely beautiful!