Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time for me

Hey all,

Dont even know what Im gonna write here but I'll just give it a shot.

I'm exhausted. Not just tired right now exhausted but done to the bone,dead dog exhausted and need to make some life changes for me and my girl. Not everything I want can and will be done in a day but there'll are changes in the works.

Im starting with the little things. Shower,brush teeth,change clothes...everyday,,before I deal with anyone else.

Take naps..Kelly taught me that

Stop volunteering for everything or taking on what others wont because I can't stand anyone being dissapointed.

Making lists.



I passed out on my front porch almost 2 weeks ago. Was out 12 minutes with poor stats. Looking at close to 8 grand in bills because I cant or don't sleep and have to everyone elses fixer.
It scared me.

I will not be any less of a friend, Mom,Rett friend,counselor,or question answer go to person. No more projects. No more spending money I dont have on maybe's.

Have to.

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