Sunday, August 7, 2011


Lately..almost a year now. I have been getting out more. Not on a daily basis but I travel when I have the opportunity . I take Abby with me whenever I can and I'd just like to make a few requests.

I promise you I wont be offended if you open that door for me. One day it was considered rude not to. Not that long ago.

Don't stare and whisper. I would so much rather you come up and ask me point blank what my daughters condition is then watch you stare till I see you then whisper to your friend.

When asking don't...ever...

ask me. "What's wrong with her." I promise I will embarrass you and you'll never do it again.

ask me,"What's her prognosis?" It's not something a stranger needs to know. If you want to educate yourself then take the info I give you and go home with it. Because what I hear is,"How long will she live?" and "Will she always be like THAT?"

Don't let your kids climb all over my daughter. She's not a jungle gym and can't defend herself. Don't make ME have to tell your children more than once.

My daughter is disabled. She is not ignorant. She is beautiful and she is sitting right there. She can hear you and she understands sign. Don't talk to her or about her as if she wasn't there.

Don't speak to her like she was a dog or a small baby. Coochie coochie coo...Who's a pretty girl? She's Seven, not TWO.

Don't ask others about her when I leave the room. I have disabled child parent hearing and trust me, I heard you. I hear everything. She hears you weather I am standing there or not.

She is my child just as yours is yours. My blood runs through her veins and my soul breaths for her. Do not be inconsiderate, cause I will knock you on your ass.

When I'm attending to my daughter I have no want or need for political conversation or gossip. When I am taking care of her nothing else matters so zip if for a minute would ya? You are the only one that enjoys the sound of your own voice.

Whew. Now that I got that out. Go on then..Best Wishes:)

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