Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Night

Abby all pretty for back to school night
Abby with her Special Ed teacher


Abby meeting her first grade teacher

Abby being overly friendly. What? Not my kid. Lol!

I saved the best news for last. After causing the school and the AT quite a few headaches and hurt feelings I about fell on the floor when Mrs Jones told me that Abby would be having a Dynavox eye gaze system in her classroom. It's not hers but it's there for her to use. Still wish we could get one for her at home or a My Tobii but I am thrilled!!!! Besides fighting with the schools,..... not knowing what your child is telling you is the worst. At least she has a chance at school now. Thank you Karen and Morgan.
Here is a pic of a girl using the device. So so excited!!!!!

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