Friday, July 29, 2011

Too hot for Horsies!!!

Most of you know that Abby has been in Hippotherapy for a year and a half. On days when it is over 95 degrees it is too hot for the horses. When it's too hot they do their therapy in the shade or in the Carriage House. Anyone who knows Abby knows she is extremely allergic to dogs. When I turned around and saw this I almost stopped breathing...until I saw it was a Shitzu. One of the few breeds that is considered hypo allergenic. Look how thrilled she is!

She was throwing water ballons at me. Loved it!

She got to paint the worse along with the other kids. Abby's is the purple heart looking one and the green below it

Just tossed the balloon with some help from MaryJill

Picking up floaties.

We love that they still have activities with the kids even when they cant ride. Abby giggles all they way home.

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The MacDonald Family said...

What a GREAT therapy!! Love the horse painting :) And of course Abbys smile with the water balloons!