Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Joy in the simple escape

Even though I went to Indiana to help with Brookie Bean I had a tremendous time with these two gals. My sister and I dont speak so being with twins that ADORE each other was really heart warming! Dorking out!

Having some fun before we left for the airport

Ok girls..Act like grown ups!

Name that McNamara!

There's that Shrek head again. Holy smokes!


She is an absolute blast!

Sunset through the trees in Kel's back yard..Taken with my cell phone. On day I'll have a real camera again. I love outside pics..I so rarely get outside I think I appreciate a beautiful place more

Just Chillin

How peacful os this with the lake right through the trees?

Dork a float!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! It is nice to take some time an enjoy the peacful outdoors :) PLus hanging out with the crazy McNamara bunch is always a fun time...LOL!!