Monday, July 25, 2011

Taking a lake break!!!

I had such a lovely experience with Kelly and her family I decided to share it in several different case that wasnt already apparent.
On Sunday night Kristin and Josh took us on a cruise on their boat and then a swim on Crooked lake. Just us. No kiddos. Very peaceful. This is their boat. So comfy and relaxing. I can totally understand why Kelly loves these little escapes.

Josh and Kristin...Yes they did have clothes on....or did they????

Me and Kel after me floating and swimming in the lake for a while at sunset.

The crew. Being awesome!

Kels house can be seen somewhere in this pic. If you know where to look!

So shallow we were actually sitting on our butts here


Before I jumped in and got all Lakey smelling! Love ya Kel, Kristin and Josh. Had a great time!

The Happy Hosts. How cute are they?

Goon on crooked lake...a self portrait


Anonymous said...

WE had such a great time...Josh will be THRILLED he made your blog :) Hope all is well with you guys!!!

Kelly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post....(even if you did leave off a few of the BETTER pics!! LOL I was so glad we could relax a little bit despite of the surgery/feeding tube "stuff" Love ya girl!!