Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today I am thankful. As little as we have, we have each other and love.

I am Thankful that my son finally got a job and will start this weekend.

I am Thankful that we finally have a new caregiver, make that 2. One during the week and one for 8 hours on Saturdays. My back has been out for almost 2 weeks again. As I cannot stand or sit without assistance I am so thankful for caregivers.

I am Thankful for my daughter. More than anything she has taught me what love is and how to be a good person...even though sometimes my mouth gets away from me. For those affected by my temper I apologize.

I am Thankful that my kids are not selfish and realize that Christmas is about love and least I hope they do. I guess we really only know that Abby is happy regardless and expects nothing and Kyler is finally learning that everything is not about what you get.

I am Thankful that I was finally able to quit smoking this year...even E ciggs. Now if I could walk Id tell ya if I was able to get up the stairs better.

I am Thankful for my extended Rett Family...even though we rarely see each other in person and when it comes down to it we'd all rather wish that we'd never had to are THE only ones that get me and I am eternally grateful that you have not left me.

I am Thankful for my church family. Always so genuine and filled with love. Every one of you. Thank you.

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