Friday, June 24, 2011

Words can mean so much

Abby has got something going on here lately. Not sure what it is but I hope it continues.

It's hard to explain but it's like there is something firing in her. You RettMoms will know what Im talking about. The whole thing with Rett Syndrome is the connections between the brain and body dont complete. The brain is intact, the spark is there but the road is too short and filled with too many obstacles to get her where she needs to go.

Ive said before that Abby has never has been a Silent Angel. She babbles and yacks and looks at you like she is speaking a language.

Every once in a while a word approximation will get out...Hitting the tv saying eee wee. Someone says Angelina..Abby says Yah Lina. Goingto the doctor we on occasion get okker okker on the way there. They always bring tears because we know she is trying so hard.

For the last few weeks we have been getting actual words. Out of nowhere more and more frequently. What used to be a sudden word that would shock the room 3 or 4 times a year is coming daily. Just 1 or 2 but Im ecstatic. Strange thing is her teacher told me when I told her we were going to go on vacation that traveling and seeing new things do more for language and vocabulary than anything she could do in her classroom. I just remembered that as I was typing.

We are getting Yah and No's daily. Not every time we ask but at least 2 or 3 times a day.

While on vacation and visiting Seaira's classroom I asked Abby is she wanted to go to school there when the teacher was visiting with us. Right away and clear as day Abby said,"No Mama"

The teachers mouth hit the floor and said,"She can talk?" I had to say,"No. But fortunately, every once in a while the words just spill out but not usually together like that." We were stunned.

Right now she is dancing around the room speaking"Abby" ooh yaa ducca laaa yaa boogah nah woo ya. I wonder if she is singing along with her Nick Jr in her own way? She just ran up as fast as she could and yelled"Dah, Good."

Last night when we picked up her Dad from work he opened the van door and she yelled,"Hello."
We all sound like a bunch of parrots every time she gets a word out. We all yell it. Last night 3 adults yelled."Hello" right back at her with smiles and tears.

Im hoping one day soon I wont remember the exact date she ever said any word bacause there will be too many to count....One day soon


Brian James said...

An absolutely joyous post! Way to go Abby!

Rebecca said...

woohoo!!! Go Abby!!

That is interesting what her teacher said, because it was just after our trip to San Fransisco for the Natural History Study that Caitlyn got a handful of new words...They came and went, with just one staying..."book" I never thought I would celebrate such a simple word so much!

Tuška said...

That´s amazing!!! Abby is so cute!!! I keep my fingers crossed!

Erica said...

love love love this so much!!