Friday, June 17, 2011


As always I am behind.

Abby and I got back from vacation a week ago and I finally have the pictures together!

Almost every year for the last 4...we missed one...Abby and I get together with four other Rett families from a support group I started back in 2007. There are actually 9 families but the others have not yet been able to attend.

I wont go on and on about every detail but I will show you...or bore you with a picture slide of my trip..with captions instead of having to read 12 pages of everything we did you can just see it.

I will tell you before hand that one of us was not able to attend this year and we were heartbroken so we blew up pics of Tracy and her daughter Angel and included them in our fun...and no its not creepy. We love them!

For those of you who arn't Special needs parents...Our time together..even just that one week a year or a weekend here and's the only times we get to feel normal. Like we feel that we are surrounded by people that get it

Everyone loves each other like the family we all wished we had. Its instant and unconditional.

All pics were taken in Oregon and Washington


Please click on the link. When I loaded the slide to my blog it foze up but is viewable in its entirety below.

To view pics click Here

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