Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Crap Day!

Ever have one of those days??Weeks??Months??? Years????

I more than realize that I am not the only person in the world with problems but I do believe I am getting more than my fair share!!! Let the bitchfest begin!!!!

I hurt my back a few weeks ago. I knew it was hurt but thats part of my job. My back hurts alot. I have to lift a 50 pound kid a dozen or more times a day. It wasnt the normal hurt and I knew it but I suffered through it. I had a vacation coming with Abby, where we get together with other Rett families once a year.My tickets arrived anonymously after I bowed out and said I could not come this year. Couldnt exactly cancel when someone wanted me and Abby there bad enough to spend $900.00 to get us there.

So we went. 2 planes there and 2 planes back. 6 days of swimming,Hiking,Mountain way I was climbing..and playing with other RettGirls. We went to A National Park, A waterfall, Mt Hood,Seaside Oregon and more. I was in pain and everyone knew it. The other Moms carried and lifted Abby when they could for me..didnt even have to ask. My back hurt so bad I would lay in bed at night and cry.

2 planes,4 carry ons,Abby and a wheelchair later we came home on Friday. I was in tears when I got off the plane. The next day the brakes went out of our POS van. See Post below..

Today I couldnt take it after I didnt sleep at all last night. I called the doctor and they could only see me today if I got there in the next 10 minutes. I live 20 away. I chanced it and was just a lil late. Dont know what difference 5 or so minutes make when you sit in a waiting room for 45 minutes. Then an exam room for half an hour before the someone comes in to take your temperature. Then 30 minutes till the doctor comes in. Then 30 minutes for xrays and on and on. After that I got a weeks worth of once a day muscle relaxers and an order for Physical therapy. 2 blown discs. Nice huh?

No big deal right? I have insurance. It must be good insurance too cause we pay almost $700 a month for it. More than that some months. oh but it is a big deal...My husbands company..who changed insurance and gave us nothing more than a card. No handouts, no packets...Besides the fee going up 80 dollars a month we apparently have a 1,000 dollar deductible now and they don't cover DME(My backbrace) nor will they cover my physical therapy until I pay the first 1,000 friggen dollars!!!

Ok breath Terri...If your kids needed it you would do it so I agree to it. I agree to 6 weeks but warn them I may only be able to do 3 with the cost. So, they work on me and show me positions to help the pain. How to get up from laying and sitting. How to stretch and strengthen. I get out of there with almost an hour to spare before I have to pick up Abby for her therapy for Scolosis. Cant believe I still have an hour...till I get into my car and realize that the clock in the therapy room is an hour behind and I am now 25 minutes late picking up Abby from school... Can you say Heart attack??? No one was answering in her classroom..Total panic attack to the point of hives on my face and neck. Now running..and limping with my backbrace on into the school to find her sitting in the office with her teacher. Man I owe that woman big time!!! And I need a watch!

Thats my day so far....Still have a 40 mile trip to make in the 98 degree heat and have to brave the giant line at the pharmacy..

I guess nobodys peed on me yet today...


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