Friday, March 18, 2011

Seizure meds. Told ya so

At the end of January I told you that Abby had had a seizure. A week later she had a cluster at school. Against my better judgement..or my overprotective judgment I allowed her to be put on a seizure med. I told you I would hate it and I do.
These videos were taken of Abby last weekend after more than a full nights sleep and a nap. The Abby I knew has not yet returned to me and this is her most days.

She arrives each day at school asleep and sleeps until they wake her to come home. She is dazed, confused and out of it



Tuška said...

Yes, she´s not her!
We have similar problem with our Nina and her seizur meds. Nina has got 3 now. And Topamax is that one making her sleepy, absent and tired. And she has no appetite (for meal) because of it!
Now, after 2 years we finished with it slowly, Nina seems to be better.

We stay on Orfiril (valproat) and Keppra. I hope we will be on 2 meds only finally.

I would try to use it for 2, 3 months and if Abby will be the same, I would want to change the meds. Your neuro should respect your wish! It´s terrible when you see your child lifeless!

I think of you!!!

Rebecca said...

Terri, this breaks my heart! :( Have they tested blood levels at all to make sure she isn't at too high of a dose? Why is it that when you fix one thing, we have to deal with a whole new load of crap? Rett sucks!!