Monday, March 28, 2011

Dress Up 2 Cure - April 2011

Dress Up 2 Cure - April 2011 Hello all April is fast approaching and April is Autism Awareness month. Rett Syndrome is considered to be the very worst of the Autism Spectrum disorders. It is also the only one with a known gene of cause and the only one totally reversed in mice models in laboratory tests. Many genetic scientists all over the world are working on a cure for Rett Syndrome. Because it it the first Neurodevelopmental disorder reversed in tests it is considered the Rosetta Stone for many other disorders. In other words, a cure for Rett Syndrome could lead to a cure for many other diseases like Alzheimers,Schizophrenia and Parkinsons disease. For more info on this please click here. The reversal in mice was actually found quite by accident and reported in Febuary of 2007. Foor short months after my Abby was diagnosed. Funds for this research are funded almost entirely by private efforts by family,friends and loved ones of the girls and few boys living with this monster (as we call it that stole our children in the night and left us with children trapped in their own bodies with no way to communicate and numerous physical and medical issues). All caused by one tiny gene on the x chromosome that doesn't turn on until our babies are toddlers...stolen from us. Please help us raise funds during the month of April in honor of my precious Abby and thousands and thousands of children just like her. You can donate anytime here or at the link above. For ideas for parties and fundraisers please visit Dress Up 2 Cure's blog here. Just a little FYI...for every 300 people that read this only one will donate. We can only do this and succeed with your help!

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