Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hippotherapy for Abby 2011

Abby went back to Hippotherapy last week. We were a little concerned especially since she has been out since October. Since she started Kindergarten and elementary school her Physical therapy has been cut by hours per week and we have been doing it at home as much as we can. Below is the little Princess when we arrived. Getting suited up. She had all new side riders and a new therapist..who we are so impressed with! Here they had stopped and she has to tell the Horse to Walk on. Very cute She was able to stay up on the horse the entire ride and we were so thrilled. Her first few sessions last year were spent with her laying on the horse. Studly Mc Horserider walking out of the corral Daddy I did it! Helmet hair! She babbled all the way home! Thrilled! Stay tuned. Video to come soon!

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Samantha said...

Great going Abby. I am so glad to see that you are back on the horse again. I am an OT in NJ and one of my very favorite little girls is a Silent Angel too. Keep up the good work. Samantha