Thursday, March 20, 2014

Team Sparkle runs for Rett.

Hello all. As I save before I stink at Fundraising! What a way to open a blogpost huh?

I need help from you to change all that. Im a quitter. Its terrible but I am. I like to think of it as more of a Why botherer a word? A whole lot of hurt feelings and why doesnt anyone care comes out of fundraising for those of us that stink at it.

Truth is rich people are excellent at Fundraising because...drumroll........they have money and know people that do. Tah dah! I however have holed myself up in this house spending every waking taking in every breath of my girl. Dont cry ya big babies. Its true and its my choice. I don't make any effort to get out and about or associate with anyone outside of the special needs world. Why? Honestly it's cause I  don't like it much. When the world quit working the way I wanted to I stomped off......


These 6 AMAZING women are going to run 195 miles for 195 girls that suffer from Rett Syndrome. Our daughter will be represented and we have committed to raise $100 - that's just 10 people giving $10!  Who doesnt have $10? If you would like to be a part of this extraordinary event, please click on this link

Abby's GirlPower Page

I clicked on it and was shocked and a little embarrassed that their were no funds listed as given in Abbys name. Really? None. That has been a kick in my butt. I hope ya'll are reading this in this fired up southern accent I seem to be typing in....and yes Im this weird in real life!

Carrie will run mile 153 for Abby.Carrie will be around 9:15 PST - so 11:00 my or CST time on April 5th  The estimated times are based on about an 8.5 minute/mile. We will be posting pics and cheering on the runners over more than a 24 hour time span.


Team Ragnar 4 Rett

Did I mention that if our goal is reached along with the other Rett girls being represented, $20,000 will be raised and will go directly to fund continued research? How AWESOME is that!?!

So $10.00 from all 10 of my readers OK? LOL.... Ready...set???GO!!!!!

Thank you all!

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