Thursday, December 20, 2012

Social Anxiety? I think not!

OK somebody is busted. I know sometimes I have wrote about it here and sometimes I just vent n Facebook about my Abby's anxiety
I love my girl but she makes it absolutely impossible for me to take her anywhere the last few years so I have stopped. I figured if she was that scared of people,lights and noise it just wasn't fair to her to force her into situations that obviously terrified her. I have stopped taking her to church because there were too many people, although we do belong to a very small church. I don't take her to the store or even the library.

Yesterday I arrived early at the school to pick her up for therapy. They were having an assembly and I could hear it clear from the office. I was mortified that they could possibly have her in there as loud as it was.

This is what I walked into:

Yah her little spoiled butt can pretty much knock it off with the get me out of here. It's just too much for me routine. So gonna kick her butt!

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