Monday, December 17, 2012

Newton-Love Wins

 These are not my words. I was and am so emotional on this situation that I have chosen for the most part to try and bury my head in the sand so to speak. I have strong feelings and strong emotions and don't choose to fight with anyone over who does or doesn't have rights started with the brutal murders of innocent women and children.

 I can't think about it. I can't look at it. I look only at headlines and scan pics of these people alive. The tributes. The flashes I get in my head of what must have been paralyze me.

This blog entry is from some I respect immensely and consider a friend and I LOVE how he put his feelings into words.

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Love Wins. My Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting.

Words have been and will be spoken. Words have been and will be written. But, they all seem… minuscule…meaningless. Don’t get me wrong. They aren’t meaningless. Healing needs to occur. And words…they are what we know. So, here I write.
I’ve read many of the words of written this weekend. Many have been beautiful.
Dr. Natasha Burgert urges us to see the light. I like that. As a Christian, I respond to the idea of light and hope and love.
But, maybe you need action. Dr. Claire McCarthy urges us to act. I like that, too. As a doctor, I respond to the idea of improving people’s lives through public policy.
But, maybe you are a parent and are confused about what to tell your children about this horrific event. Dr. Melissa Arca urges us to communicate. I like that. Children are acutely aware of what is going on in their environment. Honesty is always the best policy. If they sense abnormal behavior, it’s best to converse with them now.
I read,, and I constantly checked my Facebook account for updates.*
*We are in a new media age…social media has become a source of news!
No matter how much I read, however, the words didn’t seem like enough. 
The world can be confusing. The world can be painful. Problems can seem insurmountable. All weekend my emotions were running high.
But, in the confusion, through the pain, while I was searching for answers, and fighting to hold back my emotions, I played with my son. And love won.
Love wins.
Love always wins.
The principal who lunged attempting to stop the madman – Love Wins.
The teacher who comforted her scared pupils by telling them that she loved them and to wait for the “good guys” – Love Wins.
The first responders who risked their lives by placing themselves in a risky, unknown situation – Love Wins.
The community who mourns with one another – Love Wins.
Dr. Burgert who urges us to see the light, Dr. McCarthy who urges us to act, Dr. Arca who urges us to communicate – Love Wins.
So, how does this look in my life from this day on?
My partner and I are going to tell Emmaus that we love him everyday of his life. We are going to kiss him everyday that we are together.
We are going to show him what it means to be family. He will forever know that his daddies love each other and that we are there to protect him and keep him safe.
We are going to protect him from violent video games, TV shows, cartoons, movies. The fact is that those forms of media harm children. It is our responsibility as his parents to protect my son from those ill effects.
We are going to keep him away from guns. A gun is made to kill – an inherently violent act. A gun teaches violence. Our son will have nothing to do with that.*
*If you own a gun or take your child hunting – please do not misunderstand me. This is not a judgement on you or your choice. You have every right to do that. Every parent chooses differently for their family. If you choose that, however, I urge you to know and understand gun safety.
We are going to teach him to respect his teachers. Teachers are wonderful instruments of knowledge and grace. He will show them love and honor.
We are going to read to him so hopefully he develops a deep thirst to learn. Only in a search for knowledge can someone truly learn about him/her-self.
Sympathy and empathy are powerful tools towards justice and peace. We are going to teach him to stand up for the bullied and forgotten, no matter the consequences. And, I imagine as the son of gay dads he will, unfortunately, have an acute awareness of what it will be like to be bullied. So, we are going to teach him to stand up for himself.
Look, don’t get me wrong. There will always be evil in the world. There will always be pain. But, with love, evil and pain will never win. Love will always win. Always. I promise.
Try it…go love today. Then come back here and tell us what happens.

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