Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Special Santa

Last week we had a very special visit with Santa. Poor Santa. It was put on by the Liberty Special Needs Support Group. Princess Kick Your Butt was in rare form. I am thinking at this point there are no smiles that will get her off the naughty list!

Hi little girl. What would you like for Christmas?
I think I'll kick your butt!
Now now we must be nice to Santa

My favorite one. I think Jenn must have snapped 50 or more to get one or two of her playing nice

If I cant snatch your beard how bout I just clock your from the side?
OK forget you then
Santa is scared. Abby is contemplating her next move
That's it. Go see your Mom. A stocking full of coal for you!
Awww Santa I was just messing
Psyche! Pile Driver!
Finger to the eye!
Poor poor Santa. It would totally ruin your rap to throw a pretty special kid to the reindeer
Boy kid I tell you. If your Mom doesn't get a good pic quick, SHE is going on the naughty list!
I'm sorry Santa. I was just excited. I love ya!

Winner and still champion.....Abby Marie Vejrosta!!!!!!!

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