Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rett Syndrome Choices.Education in Classic Rett Syndrome

Hello all! I got the following video last night. It was taken with my camera iphone so it is not the best quality. We cant find the cord for the camcorder. When Abby's last IEP report came back telling me she was pre academic and had single digit or no success scores in just about everything...I took to her iPAD. I chose a free app called Choiceboard Creator. We have 10 categories of 10 2 choice answers. We have colors,shapes,household items,body parts,numbers. We have the one you will see here and more. In this video Abby chooses ramdon people or characters. Her choices have a opposite character with them. A nickelodeon character has another shows character next to it. If the nser is girl there is a boy next to her and vice verse. The same for man,woman, Abby, Bubba. One the choices for President Obama there is a professional picture of an actor in a suit next to him. I pray that this is the just the start of what we will show you.. I am hoping this time we get a surprised...let's change our whole way of thinking attitude and not what we got last time which was, "You are her mother. We are never going to see what you do." from the school. She was 4 the last time I did our video what Abby knows series. I was recently questioned about weather she still had...I don't know how to put it. It came out as,"Just because she could kind of do it then doesn't mean she can do it now."

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Cathy said...

Wow!! I am so impressed to see what Abby is doing on her iPad. So happy!! Can't believe her school doesn't see her AMAZING abilities. You go girl!! Love Cathy and Bella in South Africa