Saturday, April 28, 2012


Yah that would be me.

I sit here sometimes, trying to remember if I was always this crazy. I can go from Mother and friend of the year to absolute Psycho in nothing flat.

Yesterday started of well and good enough. I got up at 6am and very nicely woke up my son for work. Even though he is a grown man and should be able to do this himself. I got him and Abby's father off to work and everything was fine.

I took Abby to Physical therapy at the hospital and it went really well. I took her to the Chiropractor and massage therapist and was laughing and joking. I gave Abby half of her feeding on the way to school. Still fine.

At the school I unhooked her and reset her pump so she could do the other half of the feed when we got to her class as planned.(Her teacher had asked me if I could feed her when we get there on Fridays since I had changed her hours from noon to 4pm and she no longer had the nurse feeding her in her IEP).

As I was signing her in and grabbing my visitors badge like I always do I heard the secretary calling down to tell them Abby was there. When I started to open the door to go down the class the secretary told me to wait and that an aide was coming to get Abby. Instantly blood pressure starts rising. I explained that I needed to feed her and that I always took her to class and was told to wait.

It only took a minute for the aide to get there and by then I was fuming because the secretary wouldn't even look at me. I was trying to explain that I hadn't brought Abby's backpack or wheelchair because I had planned on feeding her and the chair doesn't fit in my van. No response.

When the aide showed up she told me she was going to take her down....blah blah blah. this could really go on for a while. Long story short. They wouldn't let me take Abby to class and insisted the nurse hook her up. I went through my story again and it was suggested we just have the nurse do it. I asked why I wasn't being permitted to take Abby to class and was told,"The doctor doesn't want parents just roaming down the halls."

Ok more blah blah blah

I ended up leaving. Don't know why I didn't take Abby with me. I called and left a message from the parking lot for the teacher. 3 hours later no call so I called the Principal...who we are both assuming is the referred to Doctor. She never said that and had no idea what I was talking about.

When I came back at 4pm to pick Abby up because she had no chair in which to ride the bus I went down to where the class empties out. Car riders and bus riders and was told I could pick up Abby in the office.

So, my crazy self goes in and rips my daughter away from the aide without a word and stomps out of the building.

By the end of the hour I had texted the teacher telling her Abby would not be returning to school until someone told me what was going on. No answer. No response.

Did I overreact? Probably.

What in the heck could have been going on that I couldn't do what I do one to two times a week? Heck I would of taken anything. There is a visitor...the class is having a bad day...they are testing...anything. But this whole cold are excused, no response did not fly well.

I am pretty sure normal people dont fly off the handle like that. Do they? Is it a Special Needs Mom kind of thing???

I'll keep you posted.

Pray for me.


Anonymous said...

From reading your post, I can see how this whole situation would be very frustrating.
It does seem like someone at the school could have communicated with you a little more clearly.
In the future (after you calm down :), ), maybe you could just calmly state that you were there to bring your daughter into school and the teacher had previously asked you to feed her before you leave on Fridays. Communicate this to principal, and reiterate it with the teacher and ask if that request had changed or was not needed anymore.
No parent appreciates being left out of the loop when it involves their child's care. Keep encouraging them to communicate.

Christina H. said...

I am sorry I came across your blog because a friend of mine posted it on Facebook. Her daughter too has Retts. I am a school teacher and what you went through was wrong. Even if it is in her IEP that the Nurse will do her feedings, you as the parent have every right to come in when you want. Unless it is school policy to not allow any visitors "highly doubtful" you should have been allowed to do what you need to. It is your child..... I would have been just as furious. I would also be demanding an answer. So no it is not a special needs parent thing.