Saturday, October 1, 2011


I hate October. I really do.

I have decided at least for this 1st October postt that I'm not going to go over our sob story once again..It's the past..several times and it's about time I accepted my daughter the way she is and stop mourning the what could of been. Wow that was hard to say.

With October comes Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and the push for education,equal rights and awareness. Somewhere,sometime, I will have to tell the story. I hate it and just don't want to anymore. I have got to make this positive somehow or I will never be ale to move on.

What stinks is D day is in October. Diagnosis day. You remember it on that day like the ...well like the day someone died. May sound terrible and we don't all day it out loud but that's it. The day our dreams and our livees died and we had to pull ourselves from the rubble, This October marks 5 years. You would think at some point one would be able to move on without posting a blog about how much she needs to move on while gasping for breath and choking on her own tears.

ok...I neeed a break....

This year I will be happy. I will not lay in bed on the 26th. One day I wont even notice it'ss the 26th.

I kinda screwed the pooch on the I will survive post here.

Better to come

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