Friday, October 21, 2011

Blue Sky Girls

This past weekend we took part in the Blue Sky Girls. A symbolic event held in unity around the world at 10 am central time where thousands of girls with Rett Syndrome climbed stairs in their towns symbolizing their plight and unity for equal rights and awareness in honor or Rett Syndrome Awareness Month.

Although we had notified every radio station,tv station and newspaper in town we had no press at our location. Just 3 families wanting the same thing for their daughters on a beautiful day. 3 families that had to fight the Kansas City Marathon circling our event sight to even get there. Thanks ladies
Piper. So little,diagnosed early and as beautiful as she can be.

Darling Kaiya just waiting to get in a good flirt with Abby's Daddy

Here we go

Go girls go!

About half way there

Look at them go!!!

Woo Hoo we made it!!!!!Take that Rett Syndrome!

3 families United

Abby and Mommy

Rhianna and Terri

Miss Flirty pants is pretty proud and so are we!

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Anonymous said...

Very touching! God bless these girls!