Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Wheelchair ramp

This past weekend my dear family friend Scott came over and tore this piece of crap down and built us a new ramp in 2 days. I was in awe. Every time I went to bring lunch or take a peek he had another section done.

Starting on the demolition. Good riddance

So excited already. I had seen the drawing but had no idea how fabulous the finished project would be.

2 days people. My husband helped for the last hour and for the cleanup

Lookey lookey the other ramp had one beam down the middle

Finished project from the front door looking out

Tah Dah! Isn't it amazing?

Lumber going back for return. Being a non school day I spent the day in my jammies. Scott had no red flags for the extra six feet of lumber so off with the pants

Here is Super Scott! Always adored this kid. Known him since he was 6. So proud.

Thank you so much Scott and Mary Davis!

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