Saturday, September 10, 2011

More uses for iPAD

Before I talk about the pics below I wanted to tell you that I got 2 astonishing reports that Abby is walking the entire school, 2 days in a row and only had one fall.
With Rett Syndrome comes many loses as you are well aware. Abby's walking comes and goes but she has never regained her ability to crawl.
Lately she has gone from couch to floor time and she fights us by flopping over. For some reason she will not make an attempt while we are watching.

This 1st pic was her making it from the couch to the floor with a thud when I moved her iPAD.
10 minutes later I came in to find this. Now, we all know I peeked. There was alot of rolling and scooting but she made it! More soon. So proud