Friday, January 28, 2011

The View-by Stefanie

This is a repost of the blog my girl Stefanie posted after we taped their segment on the view and I wanted to share it with all of you. More pictures to come.

Rett Syndrome on The View
Manny, me, Anna, and Monica Coenraads of the Rett Syndrome Research Trust taped our segment about Rett Syndrome on THE VIEW today! It will air this Friday, Jan. 28, at 11 a.m. The teaser at the start of the show is a beautiful tribute to Manny and his work there, as well as our Anna Banana. Our segment is right after the fashion show segment, I am guessing around 11:30/40.
The producer that produced our segment, Rachel, was fantastic, and has been working on putting this on the show since Manny first approached her with the idea. We kept most of it under wraps for so long because... Well, to be honest, I kept pinching myself because I couldn't believe this was all happening. The last thing we wanted was to disappoint. We needed to accomplish the first task, which was to represent Rett the right way, and second, to share our story, and third, to raise awareness. The cherry on top is to be able to share with the masses that our cure is close!
Manny spearheaded this and because of his dedication, really brought the first national spotlight to Rett Syndrome, ever. Facebook is already aflutter with the Rett community, spreading the word for people to "set your DVR's!" and it is all so very surreal.
I can't wait for you all to see it on Friday!

The hosts were so gracious, and so personable, that sitting on the couch was not near as daunting! We were so ready to share "the Rett story." If someone would have told me that within Anna's first year of her diagnosis we'd be on national television raising awareness and reaching such a vast audience, I would have never believed it. I am so proud of Manny... And I am so very proud of Anna.

After the taping, Anna wanted nothing more but to get out of her dress and into her comfy shirt and leggings. It was a hard day for Anna, who handled the craziness like a champ, but nevertheless she was off of her schedule and out of her comfort zone. I can't tell you how many people came to the guest room after the taping to say hello and meet our rockstar, Anna.

Ingrid, Sherry, Terri, Kelly, Monica, Jesse, Manny, me and Anna
A tremendous blessing (as if this weren't enough!) was when we found out that Ingrid Harding, co-founder of RSRT and founder of Girl Power 2 Cure, and fellow Rett mama and friend (so many titles!), could come for the taping, as well as Terri, of GP2C and friend, and Kelly, of GP2C and friend. These women are amazing. No better description. Amazing.

Girl Power!
After the show, we headed over to Peter Hurley's studios for a photo shoot and to have some fun! Peter and Ingrid have been friends since they were 7, and when she told him she was coming to New York for a visit, where he now works and lives, he asked her to bring her friends over and take some photos. It was a blast!
This may be the cheesiest line I have ever written, but, today, my cup runneth over.


I'm Just a Girl said...

I saw you on TV Terri! Just for a sec but still. I'm so glad that you are helping to spread awareness of Retts.

Erica said...

Terri I blubbered through the entire thing! It was so GOOD! so fun to see you and kelly too! :)