Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pretty Princess...with a tude!

See that pretty little angelic face above?...Don't let her fool ya. This child is as Jekyl and Hyde as they come. And she knows it!
Her Daddy spent the day with us..Doesn't happen often. He gets called into work for at least one day every time he has 2 days off in a row. He finally got to experience her 0-60 fits in full action.
This morning Daddy opened his laptop...must be nice I might add. Mines been broke for a year. Anyways..his mother was on Skype. My mother in law lives in the Czech Republic, speaks next to no English and we haven't seen her since shortly after Abby's diagnosis.
I wish I could of got video of Abby's performance. She was all smiles, giggles and even talked back to her. It's possible Abby can speak Czech. Her language and theirs seem awful close. Either way I cant understand either. So glad Abby was in a good mood cause we needed to go shopping.
I needed to take Abby to get new shoes..not my favorite activity. Her Daddy needed shoes for a wedding and tried to get me to just bring him home some. Nice try Dad!
Abby started her I hate shoes, and you and everyone in here as soon as we parked her in the isle. Dad tried to hide in the men's section while we cleared out the store with the full on hissy fit while we tried on 6 different pairs. Well, almost a clear out. There was that poor little girl and her mother in the same isle. The mother was mortified because her daughter was frozen in her stare. I'm pretty sure she had never seen anyone quite like Abby before. Doesn't bother me when kids do it. Not at all. I really wish I was the kind of person that would just order the expensive online shoes made to fit over braces but shoes is just one thing I will not shop for online. You can't try them on people!
We then headed off to the Target store next door. Abby was fine as soon as we got there. It really is a shoe thing with her. While I was browsing the really cool cheap stuff for a dollar section Abby started to babble and sing."Woo woo ya ya yaluccsbooga gack" A woman asked me how old she was. I have found that is the new is she special or 2 question. I told her she was 6 and she said..."Such a gift. You are so truly blessed."
Seriously? Obviously she had not just been in the Payless because I was feeling a little less than blessed at that moment. Please come back! I wanna bless you too! Wanna babysit? Yah didn't think so. Have you seen her Dad? I'm pretty sure he's curled up in a ball somewhere plotting his escape from any further shopping!
I look down at my little blessing and she's smiling..big blue eyes
Jekyl and Hyde

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