Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hey there everyone.
Sometime in the last few days I have decided that I am too addicted to my computer and Cyberworld.
Now I know I am not the Lone Ranger on this one but I may seriously have a problem. It's not entirely my fault though. Like most things I blame it on my husband and my situation as it were.
Don't believe me? In between my Abby duties,my charity work and bathing I do almost nothing else.
When I get up in the morning I turn on the computer before I hit the coffee pot. While it brews I check my email, flag anything I have to enter or answer that day then I'm off to Facebook.
Facebook and the people who created it should be in prison. It is not politics or the economy that has been the downfall of this country. It's Facebook.
When my daughter was in the hospital Yahoo and Hotmail were blocked but I could get on Facebook all day long..and so could the people taking care of her. I can't count on my fingers and toes how many times I went out to the nurses station to ask a question only to find the nurse at the desk minimizing her Facebook page after she heard me. It wasn't one nurse either. It was someone, every shift.
Companies in Great Britain actually allow Facebook time to keep there employees happy. It's a perk. Seriously?!
Personally I know there is no way I could live with myself If I didn't go to my status updates and let everyone I know know that I care that they just got their hair done or that a dog pooped in their yard. People I couldn't identify if they were standing in front of me right now. If I get on and mention that something is wrong..I'm sad,mad, hurt..and Gosh forbid someone or the right people don't reply..I am crushed..lonely..feel like nobody cares. How completely pathetic is that?
Facebook is entertaining though. Watching people fight. Watching the love fests between people who don't know each other. Watching the few paranoid schizophrenics who think everything is a conspiracy and everyone is out to get them or stabbing them in the back. People tell anyone and everyone everything then get pissy that everyone knows everything about them. Fingers crossed I don't get 20 emails asking if this particular subject was about them. That happens a lot. I'll get a call or emails almost every time I post anything that includes the terms someone,or somebody.
My favorites(not) are the one that posts pics and videos to YouTube then go psycho when they see them somewhere else online. Seriously people. It's called terms and conditions and account settings. Look into it.
Some of my best friends in the world I met online. That one wasn't my fault either. The first thing the doctor said when he told me my daughter had Rett Syndrome was that I would have to get online and find other families and they would be my lifeline..if I only knew.
In March I went to Chicago and stayed with a woman who I met on Facebook. Her son was so freaked out that she was actually letting someone she didn't know into their home he was just beside himself.
In July I made my second trip to the West Coast to spend a week with people I met online. I work for a charity ran by people I met online and started by a woman I've never met in person.
My friends and family don't send me neat little items for my daughter or gift boxes with stuff they have multitudes or extra's of. My Facebook friends do though.
So sometime this week I start looking around my house. I kinda had to since I was falling over stuff. It was then I decided I was going to clean and organize one room a day. 3 or 4 days later Ive gone through one pile of mail. I did bring up my file cabinet. If I happen to get off my computer long enough to sort ALL my piles of paper I may actually put them in some kind of order. More then likely they will end up in one big pile on top of the cabinet.
It's Saturday. Today I vacuumed. I took apart my air purifier and cleaned it. After I made a new pile of cleaning products from under the cabinet that should be stored in other various places in my clusterfudge of a house.
So I'm not a housekeeper. Never have been, I do know where everything is though. Want some paperclips? They're under the toilet paper on my desk in my bedroom. We have to hide toilet paper and ration it around here. I think my son may be taking it into the nearby woods and building some sort of fortress with it and his missing socks. I bet you could see the place from space!
So I sit here..on my computer..talking to no one..careful to turn to the left when I get off because if I move the chair to the right I might cause an avalanche that could possibly take out the North end of my home.
Time to check I can sleep with a clear concious...

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