Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh boy. All shame and pride aside!

Abby needs an iPAD. Seriously. I have been hearing for months how awesome these devices are and how much simpler they are to use with a child with disabilities such as Abby's.

Apple now has so many incredible features and apps this one little device can help her communicate,play games, movies and entertain her for hours...anywhere we go.
We've never..or I guess I've never been any good at raising funds for anything. Lately on facebook I have noticed that parents will get on there and say..Mary needs this and boom they have a grand in an hour. We don't need a grand. We just really want an iPAD for her. Right now the 16G is on sale for an unheard of $499.00. I imagine this will last until Christmas

So, I dont know if this will work or how many people actually read my blog but...ABBY needs an iPAD. Weather it be donations..ouch..pride..ouch or if someone knows companies or people that will let us make payments. Please let us know! Are there resources out there we don't know about?

You can donate to the iPAD fund by clicking the donate button on the right panel or contact me directly with info at

Ok Im gonna go swallow my pride and hope for the best and pray that I dont get back on here in 5 minutes and delete this post out of it!

iPAD at Walmart

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