Friday, August 6, 2010

My babies

I knew this time would come from the moment I had my children but it is hitting me like a train wreck. I am so not prepared.
I knew when I was pregnant with Abby that I would have one going into kindergarten when the other was entering his senior year.
I knew in the past that he would be 18 when he graduated but it never hit me till this week that all this was going to happen at once.
My baby boy will be 18 tomorrow. 18. The lump in my throat is about to strangle me. He doesn't seem the same 18 I was if that makes any sense. In most ways I think God for that. That he didn't have to go through or see the things I did. On the other hand....I never had to deal with what he did as far as being the only child then having to share your mother with a new baby. Then to find out 2 years later that that child would need every minute of your mothers time and energy from that moment on.
Abby will be entering kindergarten next week. The very same day Kyler starts his senior year. She will be entering the multi disabled functional classroom. Ouch that one...SUCKS! No plan you can make for that one. Definitely not something you dream about.
Over the years I kept a book for Kyler and a collection of letters. I planned on giving him them tomorrow. That's not going to happen. Maybe when he's 30 and can remember where he put them.
So Ive been keeping busy. I've been handed a project that requires time and research and I'm loving it.
That's where we are....

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