Saturday, August 21, 2010


Abby started Kindergarten this week and it no go at all the way we expected. 3 years ago when we first took her to pre school she loved it from the moment she stepped in the door. I think it is going to take her some time to adjust,and hopefully some extra training for the staff. Fingers crossed~ This was Abby before school. She was so excited she was about to bust. All smiles!
This was my girl after the hour and a half ride to school. She got off the bus looking scared and exhausted.

About mid day. Not loving it so much.

After lunch she was out!

This is the face I got when she got home. Not a happy camper!
But Friday she was all smiles and giggls when she got off the bus. I was so relieved!
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Anonymous said...

She has an hour and a half ride to school!!?! Good grief! She looked totally dishoveled after that... not a good start to the day.