Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miscellanious Ramblings from a crazy person!

Hey all,
Since I imagine that you all just sit around waiting to hang on my every word I'm gonna flow.
Flow? What am 16 yo?
This summer has been absolutely nuts! For me anyways. I have been crazy busy as always. Somehow, even more so.
The last few weeks we have been attempting to deal with random life balls being hurled at our heads from dawn till dusk. Of course I'm the only one ducking. Everyone else knows Mom will get it!

As you know from my last post the kids are getting ready for big school milestones. Abby will start Kindergarten on Monday. Her brother,who just turned 18 will start his senior year. These 3 things alone have made me want to run for cover. Can someone else please deal with all this?

Abby has been having issues. Rett induced I am sure..Boy if I ever get ahold of that Rett Syndrome I am gonna KICK IT"S ASS!
Ever since we got her Gtube after her failure to thrive issue last year it has been one thing after another. I know if I hadn't gotten it when we did we wouldn't have her now it is a royal pain.
She has all but lost the ability to chew and swallow, so food is something that happens a couple of times a month. She has slow motility and constant bowel issues. She is either impacted or poop soup. No in between. Just when we think we got everything where we want it..whatever we are doing stops working. Wait who's we?
For a few weeks now she has been suffering from what I assume is severe pain. My happy lil camper is a screaming banshee more often than not. At first I thought it was some sort of Rett anxiety thing or panic attacks. We have been to the doctor and the hospital and another hospital. We think we have it narrowed down to GI issues. At this point I just don't know what to do to help her. We have a overnight sleep study on Wednesday and a GI appointment in 2 weeks. I don't know if we need a formula change, a medicine change or both. The thought of sending her to a new school for more than double the time she is used to, in this state, is nerve wracking. How in the world am I going to convince a new team that she is in there, she can learn and she is a wonderful child if I send a lethargic, wild screamer from day one? Seriously. That's a question. Does anyone know?
Between the two of us we had 9 appointments this week...School,training,doctor,hospital,shrink,hospital,school,hospital..ugghh You try doing that with no car! Not easy. Oh, we have a car. One car. My husband works 18 miles a way 16 hours a day in the opposite direction of most places we need to go. And then there is the fact that the piece of crap car has no air conditioning. What no air? But it's 110 there everyday!

SO speaking of me being crazy... I will admit..I am on an antidepressant. Have been for years. Last year we took me off the med I had been on because it wasn't working and switched me to something else. A few months later the doc doubled the dosage. Within a week I called and told him it was too much. I was lethargic and couldn't think straight. So they cut it in half. Yah right. Sure they did. Apparently they called in for the half mark for just that one month and for 6 months since I have been on the double dose. No wonder I feel like crap! Maybe if I wasn't so doped up I could of read the bottle and noticed the error! Next week I start a different one in hopes that I can drag myself though this hell of a hand we've been dealt. I do have enough sense to wait till Abby's been in school a week..Love those med change dizzy spells!
Ok that's my flow. I'll break it down fo yo again real soon! Hit me up for realz!
Yah ok I'm done.

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