Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More horse therapy!

Oh how I wish I had video or pictures but they are coming soon I hope.

At Hippotherapy Abby has a new therapist. She is so incredible..the things she can get Abby to do. After last week another parent brought in a flip gotta get me one of those. How convenient!

Last week we sat there in tears as we watched Abby hold sponges in her hand and drop them in a bucket.

This week we watched as the therapist had Abby ride facing forward,and backwards,side saddle and laying down,holding herself up. That is so much more than she got from the last therapist. This therapist has Abby riding,using her hands and using words. Yep words. I don't know how much Jen got on video yesterday and we arn't allowed too close but it was amazing!!!

Yesterday Abby said, Walk on,all done and no several times. And she threw some royal dirty looks when she said all done and she still had 10 minutes left and I said no...

And here we get to the always something crap out of something good. When the session was over the therapist told us this would be her last session. She just has too much on her plate right now and cant do this too. What??? Ahh come on. Why is it every time we get someone good they bail??? Hopefully the girl she was training learned something.

**This is a late add on but Jenn sent me video she took. We have been in the arena rather than outside so we have less room to move around. Hope you can view what little we got. We were very excited. Cant wait till we move outside so we can get more!
View video here....I think

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