Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Horse Show. SO MUCH FUN!

This weekend we took part in The Missouri Quarterhorse Association Show in Kearney Missouri where Abby does her Hippotherapy. We had seen the signs up and it had been on the schedule all year, so we decided to go pretty last minute.
Abby on the way when we told her she was gonna go ride horsey's! She loves it!Imagine our surprise when we arrived and they slapped a helmet on her head and a number on her back. I was in extreme panic mode. I didn't want her competing or losing anything...everHere she is as the judges came over and took a look at her and talked to her for a bit
These two look like sisters side by side. Thanks Nanny for letting us hang out with you!
The kids with their trophies and ribbons!

Abby with her TROPHY and RIBBON! YEAH! We told her she won for being the prettiest girl on her horse!
Such a little snot but pretty tired of my photo shoot at this point. You would think she'd never won a trophy before!

Tah Dah! I'm so thrilled. What an awesome program. Thank you Mary Jill and Staff at NTRC!


Carrie and Avery said...

awesome abby! you look like a pro :-)

The MacDonald Family said...

LOVE it! Congrats sweet Abby!! You're awesome girl!!!