Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lovin School

We absolutely love Abby's new school! She is having so much fun along with learning.This week is United Way week and for a dollar each day the kids have a different theme. Monday was crazy hat day! How cute is she?Today was backwards or mix match outfit day. Kind of had a hard time trying to get her not to match..she is such a little fashionista! Now this one is the best. Her teacher said a few weeks ago that Abby is the first child she didnt have to go into the typical class and tell them about Abby's issues. The kids just accept her..no questions. Last week and this week we started getting pics and drawings from her Kindergarten classmates. I thought they were sending the wrong papers home until the teacher told me the kids were drawing and coloring the pictures for Abby. I am just overwhelmed.
I had to take Abby to school this morning after pool therapy. When we went through the lunch room several kids from every table started calling out her name and waving. I am so so thrilled. She threw her arms up and giggled. What a great job this school does of integrating the Special kids with the typical kids. They should be very very proud!

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The Mounce family said...

I love it and am soo happy for you!!