Saturday, March 31, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes....

Today was not the easiest day to spend with my daughter. I painfully say that I know how the teachers must feel sometimes.

Abby does so much for me here that she has never shown them. After yesterday I have been on my Mama Bear mission to prove she knows, can learn and is in there.

Today...she was having none of it.

We have a Multi Modal approach with Abby. If it doesn't work one day we try again the next with something else. Maybe one day flash cards. The next computer choices. Sometimes picking things out of a book.

Today there were times that I thought if she could make her little body work she would have beaten the snot out of me.

She wanted nothing but that stupid television. Damn Wiggles and Dora till I want to pull my hair out and run naked though the streets...Yes If I'm going are all coming with me! I will give you no warning. Poor poor people...that vision in your won't go away...never ever....(insert evil laugh here)

Today I tried Flashcards...The reports say she can't identify animals so I had a set of inanimate objects and a set of animals.

She purposefully....did nothing...but mess with me. Wrong answer, every single time. Wrong answer or no answer. She would growl at me. Spit at me. Turn her head. Look down. Auugghh.
I'm sure she is tired of being drilled. I would be too.

I do have the videos from 3 years ago...but they don't convince anyone now. I need to get this girl engaged again.

Im thinking an afternoon at Barnes and Noble letting her pick out books is in order.

3 years ago when we discovered The Wiggles...Man oh man. Something she took interest in. Something that excited her. She can't really hold a doll or play pretend. Finding something that made her happy ment the world to she is a TV junkie and wants nothing but. I wish I had known. Darn kids...I would have gladly given birth to a how to manual when she was born. What's a few paper cuts down there when you give birth to a 9 pounder...face up...with no epidural???

So soon...maybe tomorrow we will head to bookstore. Providing I survive taking her to church and don't want to drive home as fast as I can and crawl into my bed and pretend this isn't our life...

Calgon???? Anyone????

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