Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where in the world have we been?

Going crazy. That's where.

I was actually surprised when I saw it has been so long. I do have a few good excuses.

First our computer went down and I have been doing everything by Abbys iPAD and my phone. Impossible to save or post pictures that way. Geek Squad and Best Buy are very high on my you know what list. I only had that computer for 2 months when it just stopped coming on. Why they still don't have it fixed after 3 weeks is slightly stressful.

Second Abby started Massage and Chiropractic therapy so she now has some kind of therapy outside of the house 4 days a week. Thank you God for Fountain of Youth and Nashau Baptist. Without either of you this would not be possible and we are so very grateful!

Third Abby's brother graduated from high school. Hallelujah. Whew. I was crazy busy for the week before, during and 3 days after. Thank you for all of you who came, called,sent cards and traveled in. ( For those of you related who couldn't bother to do can bite me)

We are still needing a second vehicle. We have been praying for a wheelchair accessible van but at this point would take anything. With having to take Abbys Dad to and from work everyday along with our appointments and therapies we are putting no less than a hundred miles a day on our 1998 dodge with no air-conditioning. Have I mentioned my back is seriously going to kill me?

So all that being said Abby is well and Happy. Hoping to get my computer back soon so I can be post more

Hope all of you are well!

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