Sunday, November 17, 2013

When she's sick she's better

Abby has Pneumonia so why the weird title?

I wish I could show you on video but as with everything Rett, on command isn't really a possibility.

Abby woke up 3 days ago in the middle of the night with a fever of over 103. She was coughing and had that wheezing bark that no parent wants to hear.

I immediately left a voice mail on the Peds line. I had her at the office and on antibiotics within a few hours (Now if only I would take that good care of myself)

The last few days she has been coughy and gaggy and feverish.

I was looking at her this morning when she was talking to her Dad. Anyone that knows Abby knows that her speech sounds like a Native rain dance. " Woo woo woo woo....woo woo woo woo."

This morning at the same moment I thought wow she has really been trying to talk lately.....I realized lately had just been the last few days. What is coming out of her isn't English or intelligible but it's something.

Instead of looking at us when her show ends then looking at the remote she is turning, cocking her head, and speaking in what sounds like speech. it just sounds like another language. It sounds like questions. It sounds like statements.

At that moment this morning, as soon as I had that wow moment, I had that gutted moment of realizing it would end with this illness.

Within a year or so of Abby's change when she was a toddler I told the doc I thought she was getting better and it was weird cause she was sick and had a temp and a cough. He asked what meds we were giving and how long she had the temp. He then told me what most medical professionals know but most laymen don't. For some reason kids on the spectrum or are developmentally delayed have flashes of sparking...or where things click when they usually don't. And when they were on a specific cough medicine it seemed to be even more so. It was the one she was on.

Abby doesn't get sick very often so this time I forgot...again. But I am going to enjoy the hell out of it today, and maybe tomorrow. Until Rett comes back and takes it away again.

She's so in there today. Id give anything for the key or the ability to kick that effing door down and get her back...while the monster is sleeping.