Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abby is 8!

 Abby turned 8 in late September. I still hardly believe she is as old as her peers. She is so much smaller than them. And I must say, better dressed. I have always figured since she cant run and play like other children she can look magnificent so I spoil her with clothes and pretties.
 This year Abby was a Fairy for her birthday. We have always had a theme and she has always worn  a costume. Thank goodness Halloween stuff goes on the shelves so early.
 Isn't she cute? These wings lasted long enough for me to take three pics
 Love this cake. So pretty.

 Miss Lyss
 Abby approves
 True Love. Abby with her Bubba
 Me and my girl
 Reading a card
 Bubba got the gift. I got the kisses

 She is a total Mommy to this doll
 Look at her. She was so thrilled
 Pretty clothes. More kisses for Momma
 Girlfriend is styling
 Alyssa cheesin at her Mom

 MAn I love this kid

 Abby's caregiver and Momma

 My boy and me

 Her shirt from Uncle Owen and Aunt Kelley
 Abby's new baby.

Thank you to all who came and showed your love for my girl. We love you all so much!