Monday, September 26, 2011

Abby's 7th Birthday!!!!!!!

For Abby's 7th birthday I combined our Dora theme with our Girl Power motto!

It was a fantastic day with great friends and families

Emma Bear

Our Diego

Alex and me. I love this kid

Kaiya and Rhianna. They rule

Alyssa is not used to sharing us and was not amused.

Wonderful group of people

Our friend. Noel. He rocks. So much personality and charm

My babies

The fam

At school today thinking she's queen of the world

After school today. This is the face that greeted me. I love you baby girl. Today,Forever and Always

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Abby enjoying school

Here's a few pics of Abby actually participating. This is one her first grade peers. These kids really go out of their way to include her She had this girl in her class last year. She invited her to her 1st birthday party

This is Abby with Mr A. I hear that he is very protective and carries Abby's purple card in his pocket every day!

Soing the lift the parachute. Is that what its called??

Love getting to see her be normal. All I ever wanted

Abby in her approval position during music therapy

Abby testing out a Dynavox eye max in the therapy room

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleepy day

Hey everyone. Look at Lil pink Sleeping Beauty here. This was one day last week after she had slept 10 hours. They get her out of her chair and make her walk until she wakes up but, she simply was NOT having it this day I wish I could ever be this comfortable. Unfortanately it's the seizure med followed by an hour ride to school that knocks her out

Her 1st grade peers from her inclusion class. They love her regardless. Especially the boy here. Quite taken with her

Time for music class. Hello???

How bout a lil circle time Abby? No?

I am not thrilled that she is sleeping so much at school but I am pretty happy that she is included and loved..even if she wont respond some days.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More uses for iPAD

Before I talk about the pics below I wanted to tell you that I got 2 astonishing reports that Abby is walking the entire school, 2 days in a row and only had one fall.
With Rett Syndrome comes many loses as you are well aware. Abby's walking comes and goes but she has never regained her ability to crawl.
Lately she has gone from couch to floor time and she fights us by flopping over. For some reason she will not make an attempt while we are watching.

This 1st pic was her making it from the couch to the floor with a thud when I moved her iPAD.
10 minutes later I came in to find this. Now, we all know I peeked. There was alot of rolling and scooting but she made it! More soon. So proud

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Wheelchair ramp

This past weekend my dear family friend Scott came over and tore this piece of crap down and built us a new ramp in 2 days. I was in awe. Every time I went to bring lunch or take a peek he had another section done.

Starting on the demolition. Good riddance

So excited already. I had seen the drawing but had no idea how fabulous the finished project would be.

2 days people. My husband helped for the last hour and for the cleanup

Lookey lookey the other ramp had one beam down the middle

Finished project from the front door looking out

Tah Dah! Isn't it amazing?

Lumber going back for return. Being a non school day I spent the day in my jammies. Scott had no red flags for the extra six feet of lumber so off with the pants

Here is Super Scott! Always adored this kid. Known him since he was 6. So proud.

Thank you so much Scott and Mary Davis!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Really do come true my ass!

I decided for Abby's first few weeks of school I would be going back to bed till time to get her off the bus or I was up on my own.

Starting to think that is a pretty sucky sucky idea.

I've been having freaky dreams,. Not just running though a meadow dreams but weirdo trippin on acid dreams.

This morning I woke up confused and wanting to find Abby but she was at school. I had had the most vivid dream that I lived in a Brownstone in New York with her and my son. Not something that could happen unless I won the lottery.

In the dream I wake up from a nap to find my Aunt Frans boyfriend feeding Abby pieces of Salisbury steak. First I haven't seen or spoken to my Aunt Fran in...forever and she certainly doesn't have a boyfriend. He was a doctor and told me that she is always hand mouthing so put the food in her hand and she WILL FEED HERSELF

My Abby can barely swallow water or juice but he had her eating like an Eastern Indian. We had to get her to understand that she could only eat with her right hand because the left in considered unclean

Weird I know

So I wake up for real. Ecstatic that my baby can feed herself and I run down to tell everyone and show them..No Brownstone..No New York... No ones here.I slide down the wall pretty sure I AM losing my mind

If I was possible to crawl into my unconscious mind and kick it's ass I would. Wouldn't that be a sight?