Monday, August 5, 2013

A Change in Abby. (Take that, Rett Syndrome!)

There has been a change in Abby lately that I have been amazed by. It kind of snuck up on us and every day she surprises us a little bit more.

As per usual it takes me a bit to realize when something is going on and that it could just be a combination of things. It took standing in a hallway talking to one of her docs and saying it out loud to realize that Abby is improving.

A few months ago we started Abby on a blenderized diet. Her Ped had suggested trying to feed her. I listened and agreed out of courtesy but really had no plans to be covered in rice cereal, carrots and applesauce again. Ive tried for years. She can't chew and swallow and call me a bad Mom if you will but I cant take 2 hours to feed her a cup of food, half of which I will wear.

A few other Moms I knew were giving their girls blenderized food. Being the ever loyal pessimist I was pretty sure that wouldn't work and rolled my eyes at it. A few days passed and I thought id give it a shot. I spent weeks just putting some rice cereal in with her formula then adding one food item at a time, kind of when you are trying to start feeding an infant. Abby's tummy is so delicate I didn't want to throw her into shock.

About the time I started the blended diet, one of the doctors at Abby's Chiropractor gave us a super duper green tea antioxidant supplement and swore by it. I have to admit I kind of inwardly rolled my eyes at him too. Its Rett Syndrome. Nothing helps Dammit. It took a few weeks for me to go ahead and throw that supplement in the blender. Once I saw it didn't make her sick it just became part of the routine.

This past week he asked me how she was doing overall. He also works with Special Needs Kiddos at a learning center and has taken a special interest in Abby. I told him how she is trying to crawl. This child hasn't had enough strength to hold herself up on her hands and knees since before Rett Syndrome hit. But the one thing Ive noticed is an overall increase in awareness and we are getting words.

I think he thought I was nuts. I told him how Abby has always babbled and hummed and how we might get A Dowa during Dora the Explorer or an Uma for me if she is trying to get my attention or is upset but we are getting clear Dora's, she is saying go, hi, bye, love, love you, I big..and so on. He was so cute when he stood there and teared up.

On the way out the door about a half hour later the lovely woman at the desk stood up and said," Bye Abby," like she always does. We paused at the door and I said,"You tell her bye," I wasn't really expecting Abby to perform on command. She then yelled out,"Bye!" and threw an arm towards her. To say that office jumped and squealed would be an understatement.

In just a few days since then everyone that comes in is greeted with a ,"Hi."

When her shows end she says,"More Dora Maaam."

I have graduated from Uma to Maaam! Yes I realize there is an extra A in there. Thats because it's definitely a Maaam!

Last night when I tucked her in she was furious about something...As I left the room she yelled,"Maaam! More!"

Now I don't know what she wanted but she was trying. Her Pistons are firing. We don't have a cure. She still has Rett Syndrome but my almost 9 year old daughter is getting words and answering and expressing her opinion as best she can.

I fully believe her new diet and the addition of this supplement have been our answer to the changes in her.

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I am just a Mom. Not a medical expert. I am only giving my observations on our personal lives and have not been asked to nor will I receive any monetary compensation for any of my recommendations on this blog.
Please consult a doctor before trying anything new with your Special Needs Kiddo's