Friday, January 6, 2017

And We Are Back! Hopefully!

Coming back to the blog is something I have thought about often. There just never seems to be enough time..... But too much time has passed and there have been so many changes I'm sure people will want to stay updated. But first, a little catchup.
its been nearly two years since Ive made a decent post so I wont bore you to tears with every last detail. Here is just a few snipits....

Abby 4th grade, Still such a happy girl.

Abby saying goodbye to aide of 7 years
 Still the coolest kid at Hippotherapy
 Chilling with her new aide
 Always better to ride with RBF
 In the 6th grade now. Watching the sunset in our backyard
 6th grade trip to the pumpkin patch
 Halloween Princess
 Princess and the Peasant
 Flirty Magoo
 Christmas Elf
 So Bubba grew up! Mom and her babies at Christmas!

There are many things going on with Abby. I didn't want to just launch right into them without first letting everyone know that above everything else she is happy and loved. She is flourishing in Jr Hgh and has made the Principles Honor Roll for the first two quarters!

Another blog soon.

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