Monday, November 16, 2015

A Bike For An Angel

A few Nights ago this bike advertisement showed up in my Facebook newsfeed and I shared it along with some quip about how nice it would be. Abby loves the outdoors. She loves wind. She loves trees and the sun on her face. There is something awe inspiring that happens to her in nature, Like you can see a little bit of God in her face. Its hard to explain.

It was really kind of a (Don't I wish) kinda thing and I never thought anything more about it at the time. I have a lot of don't I wishes. If I ever dwelt on them Id be one sad Panda. Dwelling is bad.

By the time I went to bed that night one of my dear friends was insisting and rallying the troops as it were to get us this bike. He works with Special Needs Kids. He knows Abby and for a time in his life, not too long ago knew what it was like to be trapped in his own body. I truly think he feels a kinship to her. He may even understand her more than I can, or at least on the same level. By the next morning he had talked me into setting up Paypal and a Go Fund Me Page To get us this bike.

As you know Abby cannot ride a bike on her own. She cannot hold onto the handlebars nor can she push the pedals. When she was four i think we got her an Amtryke and I remember thinking on the way home that one of the first things I thought when she was diagnosed was that shed never ride a bike and was so excited that she was going to be able to. After a few days of sitting her on it, tying her hands to the bars and strapping her feet to the pedals I realized that maybe she wants going to be able ride a bike. I can remember having her Dad take her off and take her into the apartment while I sat on the porch and cried my eyes out.

I never even dreamed a Wheelchair seat Tandem bike existed.

But it does.

My friend has offered to pay 1/3 the cost of this bike, which like everything labeled special needs,disabled,or adaptive is very expensive.

We would be very grateful if any of you would donate to help us. We've had one donation thus far and I have already started looking up trails. This would be amazing for Abby.

For more information on the bike click ">here

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