Monday, September 1, 2014

Finally.....A van

Sorry so late with this. Because of a local family, actually 2 local families and their friends and family we finally have a van. A wheelchair accessible van.
 Our local community is awesome. So thankful and humbled by those who are always there for us and the perfect strangers who made it their mission to make this happen.
Our friends threw a party. We got word out on the internet and on radio stations. 6 days later we had a van from an incredibly kind local couple and their family.... and here it is......
 The Jeremy Nichols Band Played and they were great!
 Local support from great friends who get it
 Local awesome people who also get it
Me and my girl taking a break
 This girl never lets me down
 Heather and Peter Caster and family put this all together and they were just wonderful
 A silent auction gift from a very kind stranger
Blizzard Entertainment silent auction gift
 The van! Big red. 1999 Ford E150 Econoline with only 25,000 miles
 A lift!!!!!
 Captain Chairs!
My spot!

I often think in this digital age that it is a shame that we don't send personalized thank you cards anymore. Id like to...I wanted to but there were just so many involved that chose to stay anonymous or were strangers to us.
If you were involved in any way...from working, entertaining,volunteering,sharing,donating....Bikini car washing... We are so grateful/ We do thank you with all of our hearts...and my neck and back!