Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation

This summer has been pretty cool. We did a few things we've never done before. There is much more we would have like to have done and experienced but again...the old Mom cant take it right now.

I started Therapeutic Horseback Therapy. Its slightly different than Hippotherapy where we mostly rode. Now we have to play games, do a bunch of PT and OT from the horse and follow direction. I cant do the last for the most part but my new horse friends help me alot. I sure miss my Jeff and my Joan from Thursdays though!

We took a trip! My Mom had booked it before she found out about her surgery and when she went to cancel our friends said no way! They did every lift, every bath, every dressing and changed me every time I needed it. Such a blessing and help for us both!

 We went to a place in Washington called Camp Prime Time. Its a fully accessible camp and many of our friends we have met online go there. It was a heck of a distance but we don't regret it at all. Washington is beautiful. The weather is great. We didn't see one snake, rat or roach and ready for this??? No chiggers!
 Our Daphni Jo and my Mom
 Daph and me just chillen watchin Pooh
 Me and my Jerimarie
 Dalisa got this pic of me on a boat at Clear lake. Love it!
 My Moms thought this treehouse was the neatest thing ever. There are so many things with Rett you just assume we will never get to do. Oh yah? Well I played in a treehouse!
 Ramp all the way up!
 My Mom has to help me cause I cant really to slopes up or down or uneven ground

 Jerimarie knew we was coming but we surprised Robyn!
 In the tree!
 Waterfall coming off Clear Lake
 Rim Rock Lake nearby

 Giant rec room/therapy room
 Green Neon exit sign! I must have one! Coolest thing there
Struttin my stuff of an even floor

 Air hokey
Fooz ball
 My nig helper Jenelle's head kissin me
 My first roasted marshmallow with my friend Addy
 OMG can I have some more
 Was so good
 My Moms and her big undercover attempt to surprise our friend Robyn who just thought we were being weird!
Many thanks to everyone that helped me and my Mom so we could have this experience. Jerimarie,Arlo,Devin,Lola,Jenelle. You are awesome!

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